Ultra Modern Kitchen by Veneta Cucine

Needless to say kitchen is the heart and soul of any home, being a place where family members gather and have a great time talking, preparing food, eating and even studying. So the manufacturers are introducing kitchens which aren’t just modern however retain the home warmth as well. Meridiana is one such amazing creation from Veneta Cucine. It features a unique blend of ultra-modern kitchen design, aesthetics and ergonomics. It’s one-of-a-kind in its approach towards the color combination or the design as a whole. Fully pullout drawers unlock massive storage space and facilitate movement. Refined color mix with cherry wood, elegant methacrylate or metal handles and wood shelved walls make it truly personal in its style. The kitchen explores brand new possibilities of kitchen arrangement by treating both the base and wall elements as free units. An interesting characteristic is the absence of sharp edges which makes it safe to use. This perfectly-designed kitchen has a 5-year warranty and the price tag varies with regard to versions, finishes and sizes.


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