Tag: Sci Fi Kitchen

Sci Fi Kitchen by Strato

This Flex 1 kitchen by Strato is definitely worth checking out, with every appliance, drawer and cabinet fitting into a sci-fi, but minimalist aesthetic and all-encompassing line. At first look it seems less than fully functional. The twists and slopes being only visual affectations, however, a closer look shows the pragmatic origins of this design….

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Sci Fi Kitchen by Electrolux

This sci-fi kitchen loses its exclusive part in the home and turns into its center by fulfilling virtually all its necessities. It is built on the principle of metamorphosis; a project of Peter Vardai for Electrolux, a designer from Hungary. The kitchen is called the H20 or Kitchen 2099. For the basic substance, the claytronic…

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Sci-Fi Kitchen by Sheer

‘When closed, the Sheer kitchen is a sphere made of carbon fiber with a diameter of 148 cm which functions as a lamp that gives out a soft, intimate light. The upper half-sphere rises and attaches itself in the original position by means of a remote control. The lower half-sphere provides room for a circular…

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