Tag: Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen by Electrolux

Compact kitchens of the 21st century seem to have the basics in place. On the other hand, little can be said about the supporting technology. For instance, the Elements Modular Kitchen features wall mounted kitchen appliances which range from cooking modules and refrigerator all the way to air-conditioner. It is possible to pick or add…

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Modular Kitchen by Oikos

When you move into a beautiful new modern apartment, you have to figure out which furnishings format you want, particularly for a room like the kitchen where the furnishings are stationary. On the other hand, what if you could move the central kitchen furnishings around with ease?! The Sistematica Kitchen system is a completely modular…

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Modular Kitchen by Michel Cornu

Modular kitchen called the Lift is an interesting kitchen concept which fulfils everyday needs for dynamic and modular systems. Houses and especially apartments are becoming smaller and smaller; therefore we have to create products which are able to provide plenty and at the same time be compact. The design has different sliding (up and down)…

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