Tag: Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen by Grattarola

We’re in love with this modern kitchen from Grattarola. This manufacturer from Italian creates highest quality furniture out of solid wood. The Trapezio kitchen is made to show off special geometric effects. By playing with dual door thicknesses and shapes, it truly acquires plenty of individuality. The kitchen can be assembled in several unique ways…

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Modern Kitchen by Dada

The Banco Kitchen is a project of Luca Meda for Dada. This modern kitchen is best described as advanced construction system which keeps typology and also style and function up to date. At the center, the worktop featuring sunk in sink, hob & wall-mounted cabinets. Opposite – a cool area for storing food with high-end…

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Modern Kitchen by Darren Morgan

Behold a step into the world of making the home party-friendly. This is the Dynamic Kitchen from Darren Morgan, one made to change from your traditional kitchen to be used by every family across the nation to a multipurpose place of cocktails and canapey for guests. This kitchen is created not just to flows with…

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