Sustainable Kitchen by Altera Design Studio

Today we bring you an interesting kitchen Concept Alight Kitchen from Altera Design Studio. The project deals with global shortages of resources, clean water and food. The kitchen is made to not just minimize waste materials however to make you aware of how much they are consuming. Only ready-made beverages and food are consumed in sheet-metal packaging therefore you’ll be well aware about what and how much they eat. Beverages and food packs will be kept inside the cooling unit of the system. It allows storage of three days’ worth of food. An intelligent oven warms up the food in groups in order to minimize how frequently it is used. It arranges the perfect temperature and time for the packs by reading their barcodes. There’re four hollow plates located on the central dining table. They can rotate on its center-axis therefore people can eat on both sides of the plate. The center of the table features a tiny flatware station. The integrated dishwasher saves water by filtering and reusing previous wash water. Plates are stashed underneath in their own convenient compartments.


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