Pendant Lighting by Lightyears

The Calabash collection of pendant lighting fixtures is a project of Komplot Design for Lightyears. In their work to design the very first range of fixtures for this famous brand name, designers Poul Christiansen + Boris Berlin were actually inspired by the unsurpassed designer and source of inspiration in the planet – Mother Earth. The minimalist and elegant design of these pendants is inspired by the Calabash pumpkin. This pumpkin originally stems from the tropics. It has been used in households, as musical instruments, water containers, bowls, and so on for many years. And the inspiration for the finish on these lighting fixtures came from Cloud Gate sculpture by Anish Kapoor. The amazing polished surfaces reflect the light’s environments and involve you in the design itself.


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  1. Awesome! Great post! I love the idea of lamps being inspired by the shape of a Calabash pumpkin.

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