Modern Kitchen with No Upper Cabinets by Treo Design Group

This particular kitchen by Treo Design Group is all but traditional. It’s named Easy Kitchen and the key reason for this is the fact that it’s without upper cabinets. This shall we say – lack of feature – makes it quite ‘user-friendly’ for using. People behind this unusual project have settled that it’s going to be a lot simpler to use the low-profile design. Therefore for all of those who live in a small apartment and for all of those who are wondering what kind of modern kitchen furniture to get Treo has the answer. This is the ideal pick for those searching for contemporary yet functional design. Trendy – unquestionably, everything is at the reach of hand – yes it is, beautiful white and brown colors make this attractive kitchen – yes they do. This kitchen without upper cabinets is an ideal add-on to each and every small living space.


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