Modern Country Style Kitchens by Marchi Cucine

Modern country style kitchens are perhaps one of the most popular design styles which are constantly photographed in magazines. But the real question is: ‘What actually makes this style such a favorite?’ It’s a clean look that yields both warmth and relaxation. A lot of the colors used are soft neutrals such as taupe and cream. Usually these colors are paired with cool tones in order to create a relaxing interior. The Marchi Group specializes in designing traditional style kitchens which look straight out of an old folks’ tale. These beautiful country style kitchens are easy for you to associate with and they somehow seem familiar even though you’re looking at them for the very first time. Accents and furniture display an antique nature with distressed and weathered finishes (vintage wood tables and islands are great examples).


1 thought on “Modern Country Style Kitchens by Marchi Cucine”

  1. These kitchens still look so old fashioned. I prefer modern minimalist kitchen designs any day.

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