Minimalist Kitchen by Bulthaup

On-the-go modern men and women, who have no time for disorganized spaces, will love the organization of this B2 kitchen from Bulthaup. In case you like to prepare food, on the other hand do not like the associated clutter which can (and will) easily build up, this minimalist kitchen can be the perfect solution which you have been looking for. Just think about having everything to hand in a simple mobile kitchen concept, and having a place for everything within the appliance housing cabinet, workbench and kitchen tool cabinet. Imagine opening up a spacious kitchen pantry or organizer unit in order to find all cups and glasses, kitchenware, small appliances, cooking implements and crockery arranged in a time saving and quite eye-catching array. Just take what you need (with no rummaging around in the back of a cupboard) and then close the unit up again in order to reveal its truly beautiful wood finish. The simple design of the exterior as well as interior spaces of this kitchen pares down the kitchen for people who know that the art of food-preparing is in the very best materials, very best tools, very best raw ingredients as well as very best crockery.


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