Make Some Room for this Beverage Center “Monster”

After all those SF movies, we can hardly be surprised with any new appliance coming from production lines. You want a smart fridge? No problem. These devices can play your favorite music and show you a forecast while pouring milk in your morning portion of corn flakes. LG and Samsung have several models that would satisfy even the hardest tech geeks. Almost the same situation is with other home appliances. They slowly becoming more than ordinary tools; they are more like intelligent robots that can do some really fascinating things. We just hope they will not stand up against us.

But what about beverage centers? Can we also find high-end devices in this category? You bet we can. However, before we continue presenting you a rising star, we have to see what these home devices actually are.

beverage center

In short, beverage centers can be defied as a special type of compact fridges, whose main purpose is to keep different kinds of beverage at the ideal temperature. In other words, they are cooling devices that are not designed for keeping out food or groceries. This is the job for ordinary fridges. Depending on the location where you want to install these units, you can choose freestanding, under counter or outdoor type. For more info about beverage centers click here.

Now, it is time to back to our main topic. As you probably know, General Electric (GE) is one of the leading producers of home appliances, including mentioned beverage centers. If you decide to buy some of their models, you can be sure that you will get the ultimate quality. But the guys from GE made one step further this time. They have decided to create something really special. They called experts from Keurig (producer of premium coffee makers) to help them in their efforts. The result of this cooperation is one of the most powerful beverage centers. The name? Well, they were not so creative on this. Their new baby is simply called The Beverage Center.

So, what this unit can do? Cooling various kinds of drinks? Do not be silly. It is a beverage cooler after all. What else? There is more, of course. This device is capable to make you a cup of hot coffee, blend you a refreshing smoothie or any other crafted drink of your choice. Just make sure that you have provided enough vegetables and fruits, and this super-machine will do the rest with its integrated blender. Nice, is not it?

“We wanted to stretch beverage creation to imagine a standalone appliance that could do much more”, GE brand manager Chris Bissig said to Tech Insider.

And now the bad news. There is just one piece of this machine produced so far, meaning that we will have to wait for its further commercialization. For now, we can enjoy in pictures and teasers, hoping that they will become an integral part of our kitchen soon.


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