Kitchen Lounge by Michael Shmidt

An innovative and amazing living room and kitchen mix, the Cook Lounge is just ideal for a small apartment design. Its compact layout of chairs adjoined to a kitchen area makes for a relaxing and sociable space. Several of the most usual kitchen design mistakes are actually those where sociability and coziness have been overlooked. Just how many boring dinner parties start with only one couple in the kitchen the all others in the living room? The convenient design of the Cook Lounge means the night will always get off to a start with a pleasant conversation. The cooking surface can be hidden beneath a slide out sideboard. The 3 chairs and table can be rearranged several different ways, from a chill out space to formal dining table. The interesting combination of brown and orange offers a brilliant and warm atmosphere to the interior. The one and only downside to this design is the risk of oil splashing directly onto the furniture, and the smell of cooking filling the space.


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