Kitchen Island and Work Table by ENSCI-Les Ateliers

A kitchen island can take up plenty of space in small urban apartments, or as this concept demonstrates – it can more than make up for the space it displaces with convenient fold-out work surfaces and concealed storage spaces. Within this minimalist and stylish white box featuring shiny and smooth surfaces on all sides are all of the necessities for stashing food and cooking, an all-in-one compact kitchen island and work table. Once folded, the island looks much like a traditional island which perhaps includes a couple of drawers and some other smart storage cabinets. It works as a singular surface for working on whatever or sitting down to meals. It’s nondescript and would fit snugly in an out-of-the-way corner of an open space apartment design or perfectly match with a living space. Once completely opened, the minimalist-looking kitchen island becomes a multifunctional network of food-preparing surfaces, cleaning places and basically anything else a home chef could want out of a kitchenette. Basically, it’s a multifunctional kitchenette, which can be deployed in space limited apartments.


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