Kitchen Gizmos I Wish Someone Would Give Me as a Wedding Gift

Lately a lot of my dear friends have been getting married. When I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to view all of their precious “loot,” I’ve been overcome with envy because of their super-cool kitchen gizmos. Here are 2 gizmos that I’d love for someone to give me as a gift for wedding and I promise I will put it to a good use.

1. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer; it’s the gadget I’ve been dreaming of for years. This is something all new brides should have. Durable, practical, and heavy it still retains remarkable great looks on the kitchen counter. It features a whisk, and basically everything you need to make tasty cakes and snacks. Some extra attachments are also available that enable home chefs to make miracles in the kitchen.

2. iPad; I’ve never featured the iPad as a kitchen device at this blog, but I should. It’s what I believe will be the very best recipe book, and would be a truly great addition. Heck home chefs are even wall mounting their iPad to make it easier pull things up when running about the kitchen in the evening.

There’re many great gadgets out there that newlywed couples should have in their kitchen. My gizmo obsession and love of cooking means that basically each time we see others with cool home-chef gadgets I get really jealous.


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