Futuristic Kitchen Table by Electrolux

This futuristic kitchen from Electrolux is called the Rendez Vous. As the name itself depicts, this interesting concept is an amalgamation of the futuristic technology and the modern way of life. It’s the very first ever-made table of its kind that not simply offers you with cooking facility however will entertain you at the same time as well. A kitchen which would allow home chefs cook anywhere in the home while having a wonderful time with the friends and family. An intuitive table features a one-of-a-kind energy shield that’ll turn on any electrical appliance you drop on its top. So you will have no more problems to fit your electricity fixtures. It provides home chefs with a perfect place to keep all kitchen appliances; be it your refrigerator or any other must-have fancy kitchen gadget required while preparing food. A complete kitchen concept is here to guide you while preparing food and offering a place when its time to eat.


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