Food Organizer by Electrolux

Frozen soups & veggies are nutritious meals mixed with some preservatives, and the Orbital Food Organizer by Electrolux makes these healthy choices at the reach of a home-chef’s hand. In case foresight in food prep is not your specialty, this sci-fi appliance will mean you will never again have to remember to let things defrost. Basically, the Orbital Food Organizer is a wall mounted freezer, together with individual slices in which to stash food. Each chamber has an easily removable container along with an eco-friendly meal cartridge. An innovative rotary microwave cycles the circumference of the Orbital Food Organizer, heating the chosen section with a user-friendly command from the Smartphone. In other words, it will start cooking your dinner way before you leave your office. Would you buy one? Sound off in the comments below.


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