Faucet with Aerator by Kludi

Esprit, world-renowned brand name has teamed up with Kludi, famous faucet producer in order to design the My Style kitchen faucet. Created especially for young adults, My Style is design led and stands out among many other modern faucets due to its creative design and an elegant shape, emphasizing the qualities of the water within. With its beautiful chrome finish holder housing, super-flexible white hose and spout attachment, this faucet is highly-convenient since it can be easily moved in basically all directions. This feature makes it for easy rinsing of dishes and veggies. Great as a central kitchen faucet or additional one on your kitchen island, it has environmentally-friendly aerator which reduces water consumption up to forty percent and an anti-lime scale function, and also as a hot water limiter, a practical safety device convenient for parents with small kids.


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