Electric Dish Dryer by Electrolux

Once the dinner party is over, some good Samaritans may volunteer to help clean up the cuisine; however in case the host & hostess own the Breez Portable Dish Dryer, they will be in for a surprisingly easy job. Andrew Parsons of Toronto’s Humber College submitted this innovative home chef life saver, landing him recognition as Electrolux Design Lab 2011 semi finalist. Parsons’ creative appliance taps into a market which has been underexplored – the need for a kitchen appliance which dries off washed dishes, when leaving them in a small inconvenient drying rack isn’t an option. No longer are home chefs expected to wipe every drop of water, because this appliance has a channel of concentrated air traveling at four hundred miles per hour which blows dishes dry as it is passed through.


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