Eco-Friendly Kitchen Faucet by Gessi

What’s interesting about this kitchen faucet is that it installs straight into the dining table. Bringing a water outlet right on to the dining and kitchen table is truly something uncommon, and this manufacturer has done the same with its brand new kitchen faucet called the Goccia. The ultra-modern dining and kitchen is a project of Prospero Result. It has a built-in water faucet bringing aesthetics, convenience, ergonomics and water straight into the living space. Gessi claims that this faucet is a fresh thinking which draws creativity from an apparent gradual shift toward a much more hybrid role for certain interiors in the home. A wonderful solution for small apartment designing, this table featuring built-in faucet enjoys a simple liquid-inspired design with a wonderful functionality. Like the other faucets on the market, it’s eco-friendly and saves 50% water as well. It’s available in opaque, white and black, polished silver and gold.


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