Eco Friendly Kitchen by Teresa Ttillebacher and Birgit Dejaco

Eco friendly and sustainable is so much more than a trend. More people than ever before are making environmentally-conscious buying choices based on the effect products and their use will have on the environment. On the other hand, that does not imply that one has to sacrifice style to live ‘green.’ A must for each eco-friendly kitchen, the Loop add-on from Teresa Ttillebacher and Birgit Dejaco from Austria for the home plays a number of roles with flair. Not only does it let home chefs snuggle up on the comfortable sitting zone which is manufactured out of flexible membrane, but also it serves as a cool a power plant which provides energy to all of your appliances. What’s more, it intends to nourish its users with fresh spices and veggies since it features a green garden as well.


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