Cool Mugs by Young-Suk Kim

Many people (that includes us) have the not so pretty habit of pouring their rest of the coffee or tea down the drain; however the designer of the Steam Mug Humidifier urges you to be more mindful. Young-Suk Kim designed a quite interesting mug that makes use of undesired and leftover tea and coffee, putting it towards the enhancement of your home or office environment while refusing to let you waste even a drop. This sci-fi mug and saucer features a USB hookup, beverage vessel and an illuminated base. The inside is marked with a gauge which enables its users to easily read the water level, labeled in increments of time. With the volume of water within, the Steam Mug Humidifier reheats the liquid and lets it pass through the handle as steam, offering much-desired moisture for the room during winter.


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