Compact Kitchen Design by Grotheer Sven and Alex Schulz

360° of Cooking is a brand new kitchen concept. The concept is based on the idea of a kitchen small in size yet big in use. Once not in use, the kitchen is simply one big column. However, when in use it offers plenty of space and several gatherings. 360 degrees can be used by a single home chef or a whole family. Whether you have a one room flat or a big house, whether you use it at home or for catering service – this kitchen is perfect. The kitchen can be temporary or permanent. Modify it exactly the way you need it. Every element can rotate about 360 degrees (thus the name) and some of them opens additional up to 180 degrees. The supply line is a culvert if supernal tube when temporary in use or permanent. The outer skin is colored plastic in several styles with metal joints.


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  1. I love the 360 kitchen. I live in NYC and am thinking about redoing my kitchen soon. Can you send me more details about that kitchen.

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