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Folding Cook Table by Olga Kalugina

Kitchen space is perhaps the major problem men and women have in their small urban apartments and unless you have a home like the ones featured on MTV Cribs, you definitely don’t have enough of it. It’s wonderful inventions such as the Accordian Folding Cook Table which enable you to maximize what little kitchen space…

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Futuristic Kitchen Table by Electrolux

This futuristic kitchen from Electrolux is called the Rendez Vous. As the name itself depicts, this interesting concept is an amalgamation of the futuristic technology and the modern way of life. It’s the very first ever-made table of its kind that not simply offers you with cooking facility however will entertain you at the same…

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Minimalist Kitchen Tables by Domitalia

Perhaps the most popular modern kitchen designs are minimalist but eye-catching. The Domitalia range of kitchen tables is just ideal for designing a simple and attractive contemporary kitchen interior. Fresh and intriguing, this manufacturer prides themselves in creating unique clear-cut pieces of furniture that boast both elegance and comfort. Their kitchen tables are quite small…

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