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Kitchen Nano Garden by Hyundai

In case you are the one those people who always complain about not having an outdoor garden to grow some spices and herbs and use them fresh – in that case designers Park Seuk-Ki, Lee Hyun-Jung, Park Jae-Yong and Shon Chang-Jin have come up with a Nano Garden Kitchen to let you grow fresh vegetables…

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The Futuristic Eco-Friendly Kitchen: Ekokook

Because creative furniture designers are searching for more and more ways to find eco-friendly ways into home, the more creative the ideas are becoming. Ekokook is a project of Faltazi. A beautiful and creative all-in-one kitchen concept is a piece that really changes the kitchen as we know it. Perhaps the most unusual detail of…

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Green Kitchen and Appliances Concept

Let’s take a look at this cool green kitchen and appliance concept. It‘s an interactive table with an environmentally-friendly pitch. The concept is known as the Green Cuisine. Food is cooked a very healthy way using appliances which carry conservation tags all around. This includes appliances like the Smart Kettle & Cups, Cooking Modules and…

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