Best Kitchen Faucets: Hi-Tech and High-Quality

In case you happen to be a first time homeowner who is on a really limited budget, you are most probably not gonna take on a full kitchen remodel any time soon. On the other hand, you may perhaps want to make some smaller upgrades. Reasonably priced projects, such as changing a faucet will make a big difference in the way you feel about your kitchen. The bottom line is that not all kitchens have to be completely redesigned. And these faucets will take any kitchen to the next level.

Water Saving Faucet

The Jasper Hou’s No More No Less faucet is a perfect example of creative thinking. As its name suggests this faucet measures the water needed for a home chef’s specific need – no less and no more (or vice versa). Featuring a pre control system, it uses a countdown to know exactly how much water is removed with each blast of water. And as you can see, this hi-tech faucet has a sci-fi design featuring an ultra-cool LCD screen showing water outflow, temperature and the total amount of water outflow. Jasper Hou

Faucet with LED Lights

For those of you who like intelligent kitchen gadgets, the Aquabrass Kitchen’s I-Spray is the thing you need. Probably the very first thing you notice is the super-stylish LED lighting controller which looks much like the ones you find on your MP4 player. The controller enables home chefs to command not only temperature, but water flow as well. This high-end faucet features an eye-catching chrome finish which perfectly matches basically any kitchen décor. When needed it can be extender and pulled down. Aquabrass Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Faucet

This touch faucet sets new standards. At a simple touch of a button, it is possible not only to change the water temperature, but also to open and close the drain. What’s more, with a touch of a button you can now add dish soap too. Besides innovative technology, the elegant and simple design makes it one-of-a-kind. Dornbracht

Touch Faucet for Kitchen

The Pilar faucet features Touch20 Technology that enables home chefs to turn it off and on with a single touch on basically any part of the faucet. The faucet head can be easily toggled between a couple of different water flows – regular stream or spray – and it’s quite nice to have these two options. Delta Faucet

Adjustable Kitchen Faucet

The Karbon Articulating Kitchen Faucet by Kohler is actually nothing like a traditional rigid kitchen faucet. The stainless-steel fixture is created to hold basically any pose and also to fold & bend according to the requirements of the home chef. What’s more, it can be folded when not in use. The Articulating Kitchen Faucet has sci-fi design and will match with any ultra-modern. Kohler


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