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Lately a lot of my dear friends have been getting married. When I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to view all of their precious “loot,” I’ve been overcome with envy because of their super-cool kitchen gizmos. Here are 2 gizmos that I’d love for someone to give me as a gift for wedding and I promise I will put it to a good use.

1. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer; it’s the gadget I’ve been dreaming of for years. This is something all new brides should have. Durable, practical, and heavy it still retains remarkable great looks on the kitchen counter. It features a whisk, and basically everything you need to make tasty cakes and snacks. Some extra attachments are also available that enable home chefs to make miracles in the kitchen.

2. iPad; I’ve never featured the iPad as a kitchen device at this blog, but I should. It’s what I believe will be the very best recipe book, and would be a truly great addition. Heck home chefs are even wall mounting their iPad to make it easier pull things up when running about the kitchen in the evening.

There’re many great gadgets out there that newlywed couples should have in their kitchen. My gizmo obsession and love of cooking means that basically each time we see others with cool home-chef gadgets I get really jealous.

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Renovation of kitchen is often a very expensive and time consuming project. However, it doesn’t mean that you must continue to have a tired looking old fashioned kitchen where you spend a good amount of time regularly. There are inexpensive tricks that give an entirely new look to your old kitchen.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If the cabinets in your old kitchen are sturdy and not deformed, you can give them a new inviting look by applying a coat of fresh paint. Painting of such cabinets is neither very expensive nor too difficult as most homeowners are equipped to do the job without any hired help. The process consists of simply removing the cabinet doors and the hardware, followed by cleaning with a sandpaper to get rid of the old paint and finally applying paint with matt finish in a color of your choice.

Here are some tips and design ideas while painting kitchen cabinets:

* Apply a deeper color on the lower cabinets as compared to the upper cabinets
* Let the kitchen island be in a different color than the border
* Get started by painting only one cabinet door, shift it around the kitchen and see how the color behaves in different lighting and then paint the rest of the cabinets
* The color of the cabinets should be in contrast to the color of the kitchen wall
* Other than the color of the paint, it’s the installation of new hardware that gives your kitchen a new look. After you remove the old hardware, make sure that you fill in the gaps with wood putty before application of paint or drilling of new holes, if needed.

Paint Laminate Kitchen Counters

Laminate makes an affordable and reasonably long lasting kitchen counter. It may get scratched, stained and begins to look discolored after prolonged use. If your budget doesn’t permit complete replacement, you can repaint or refinish your existing counter.

You get refinishing kits for laminated counters that make your old counter look like polished granite. It required a coat of base paint, over which a layer of mica chips is laid and finally a top coat of varnish is applied that seals the counter, giving it the needed depth. If you find that to be a bit too tedious or your budget is quite limited, you may just apply a coat of paint followed by some varnish to get a brighter counter.

Install Some Backsplash Tile

Installation of a new backlash is an excellent way of adding a bit of color and gives it a new design. In case your present kitchen has a backsplash of just four inches, consider adding some tiles to get a different new look. It’s not a very time consuming process. Old tiles in the backlash can be removed easily by using a chisel and hammer. However, if there are any damaged areas on the wall at the back of backsplash, the same need to be refilled and patched up.

You may use kitchen backsplash made of any material, in any color and design of your choice, and thus improve the overlooks of your kitchen. You may use cork tiles to get a bright and modern look, or perhaps you may prefer to have tumbled stone tiles that add depth and rustic beauty to the kitchen. Simple addition of tiles, with or without any other kitchen updates, is the simplest way of changing the feel and overall looks of the entire kitchen area.

You may undertake renovation of the kitchen in one go or in different phases, but be sure to maintain the continuity of the design, so that all the items look quite interrelated. This way you can quickly update your old kitchen and give it a new look without spending a lot of time or money.

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The Toro Legno’s Kitchen Bull will spice-up any modern kitchen thanks to its beautiful design and practicality. This hybrid piece holds different things that are needed in any contemporary kitchen. It’s made by hand out of finest sustainable wood. The midsection is empty to stash several cookbooks so that they’re always within the reach of a hand. The back of the Kitchen Bull features a small slot which has space for the chopping board. And the head features different size knife slots. This kitchen ‘gadget’ is a quite useful prep tool which keeps what you need within reach while saving space on the kitchen counter.

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Once full, a wire fruit bowl will bring a splash of colour into any dining room or kitchen; however once it isn’t in use, the bowl will simply take away precious space on your kitchen counter top. So the Appler by Kamil Laszuk serves up a practical solution to this issue by presenting us with an easily retractable receptacle. The bowl features a couple of sticks of oak connected with a dozen of curvy copper rods spaced 1’’ apart. Apples, oranges or pears will sit perfectly on top. On the other hand, the connections between the metal & wood are loose enough to provide bending in the frame that basically changes the size of the bowl, instead of creating a fixed object. In other words, it can be folded and stashed away.

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It’s no big secret that the H2O is becoming quite scarce in several different regions of this big beautiful blue planet of ours, and that’s exactly why stuff like the Sang Keun Sim’s sterilizer are cropping up more and more. Even though the WOW Water Sterilizer is not as sci-fi as some of models, it is designed with the idea that people should to start thinking more about the H20 in mind. A project of Kyowon L&C Design Team and Sang Keun Sim, it purifies water from municipal sources. The WOW Water Sterilizer uses plasma power, i.e. electrolysis, to sterilize water for both cooking and drinking.